The Hidden Treasures of Buyayao Island

Hidden. Undiscovered. Rare. Exquisite.

These words are used to describe a treasure. You might be searching for gold bars or jewels which are cradled under the soft mantles of the forest or better yet, sealed in the rocky mountains and caves. But, let’s try changing your perspectives.

Further along the tip of Oriental Mindoro, an island was dubbed by the people as a blessing and a gem from heaven. Rumors say that one time, smeone found a piece of gold in one of the caves in this place which embodies the words “hidden, undiscovered, rare, and exquisite”.
In the Philippines, Mindoro is the island that connotes treasure because of its vast lands blessed with minerals, thus, Mina de oro. Aside from being a treasure land, Mindoro is also a home to the Buyayao island.


Buyayao Island is 206 hectares of paradise located at Bulalacao, Oriental Mindoro between Mansalay and San Jose Occidental Mindoro. Buyayao beach, which kisses the shores of the island, is undeniably one of the best with its crystal-clear water allows anyone to gaze the seabed despite of the depth. The sea creatures are fantastically abundant even unto to the seashore. Some starfishes are washed-out to the glittering white sand of the four- hectare natural coastline.

Alluring feature does not stay only in the sea because you can find natural cave and forest in Buyayao Island. Landscapes that were formed ages also provide a picturesque view.

Should you wish to visit the place, its sea breeze whispers you nothing less than paradise. The experience will be like a grand vacation that’ll make you fall in- love with the place. You will also be able to feel the serenity of simple living of its people.

There are also lots of activities that you can do in this Treasure Island. You can do scuba diving, snorkeling, spelunking in Buyayao Cave, camping, fishing, swimming or beach hopping.

The place is kept untouched. But, Buyayao is not hiding to anyone who loves adventure. It might be just a coincident that this place is used by sailors to hide their ships whenever typhoons visit the region because of its strategic location which alleviates the damage that it could cause to their ships.

Treasure is not always a shiny thing. It could be a place where beauty of nature is reflected. And, I am very proud that such treasure is located in my hometown.

Buyayao Island is just waiting to be discovered. I hope that the people who will visit this place will respect and mantain its beauty and preciousness.